How To Rid Your Plants Of Black Vine Weevils

When it comes to black vine weevil, your flowers are in a serious trouble. Mostly because this pest attacks the roots of the plant. And that is actually the first sign you should be looking for. Also, black vine weevil is guilty of the collapse of the shoots and foliage. You should deal with this problem immediately. So, check out this article for tips and tricks to deal with black vine weevils on your houseplants.

Now, you’re probably wondering what flowers are more susceptible to these pests.

One of them is cyclamen. Cyclamen is attacked mostly on its tuber so the black vine weevil will eat large portions of the tuber. By doing so, it won’t be able to support the plant. You can see how these pests are quite dangerous. They are more active at night, eating even notches from the edges of leaves. Even if they can’t fly, they will get deep in the plant debris at soil level.

Other plants attacked by these pests are the ornamental plants such as azalea, hemlocks, rhododendrons, and yews.

Let’s get into it. Efficient tips and tricks to deal with these pests are:

1. removing the mulch and other hiding things from around plants

2. watering the plants only when it becomes necessary (moist soil is favorable for these pests)

3. making a sticky barrier to protect your other plants and to prevent the spreading of the pests (one good solution would be Tanglefoot Sticky Barrier)

4. applying diatomaceous earth for protection against these pests (it is natural and it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals)

5. using beneficial nematodes

6. resorting to a biodegradable landscape fabric

The burlap fabric is a great idea for bases of shrubs. This kind of biodegradable landscape fabric will be able to trap black vine weevils. isn’t this an incredible tool?

Thus, with this information in mind, you should recover your plants from the despicable little pests like black vine weevil. Notice I have only offered you natural solutions so your environmental conditions should be on top. Let me know how everything worked out in the comment section down below.


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