Effective Ways To Control Leaf Cracking In Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are perfect for adding a spark of life to interior spaces. Mostly, because they are beautiful and unique flowers. They are also out favorites because is fairly easy to care for. However, there are a million things that could go wrong. One of them is leaf cracking, which is most common for orchids. There is not a specifical reason for leaf cracking but it’s usually caused by unfavorable environmental conditions. Let’s see what can we do to control leaf cracking of indoor plants.

Leaf Cracking in Plants

Due to high winds, some bigger and large-leafed plants will be more susceptible to leaf cracking. Thus, regarding indoor plants, there must be a natural flow from fans in your house that might cause the leaves to crack.

Indoor orchids get leaf cracking down the middle of plants. This condition is caused by low humidity. You need to make sure your orchid gets enough water and drainage.

Also, most of the times, by wetting the leaves in the morning you could increase humidity, leading to cracking.

How to control leaf cracking in indoor plants

1. Cut off damaged leaves with sterile scissors

Try to cut off damaged leaves with sterile scissors. Sterilizing your instruments you won’t spread any existing infection there might be. So gently pick out the leaves that are a lost cause. You will enhance the development of the healthy ones.

2. Use a hygrometer

When you use a hygrometer, you will measure the humidity. Thus, you will get a great humid environment so your plants could prevent leaf splitting.

3. Cinnamon

A favorite solution of mine is sprinkling cinnamon. Yes, use that spice on splitting leaves because it is a natural fungicide to protect it from any potential threat.

4. Get best results with a DIY spray

Make a solution out of cinnamon and water, dropping some neem oil in the mixture. Make sure everything is well combined then spray the plants.

Effective ways to control leaf cracking on potted plants 2

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