Efficient Tips & Tricks To Prevent Moldy Potting Soil

It is very important to keep any kind of mold out from your house. You need a healthy environment for you and your family. Thus, I bet you never thought of moldy potting soil. Yes, you need to check your potted plants for mold. It has become a serious issue because it can cause mold allergies. So, if you are known to have an allergy, certainly you don’t need to add mold to the list. Check your plants now and use these effective tips and tricks to prevent moldy potting soil.

Preventing moldy potting soil especially on indoor plants is not as difficult as it sounds. Thus, it can be done but only following these steps:

1. The first step is a sterile soil

If you find yourself as a new owner of an indoor plant, you most definitely need to transplant it. By doing so, you should use a sterile soil.

The reason behind this operation is the fact that the plant might come with mold directly from the store. No matter how much maintaining that plant had, you need to refresh its state.

So, gently removing all the soil from the plant’s root and repotting it in a new container with sterilized soil, your plant will start safely in your house. Not to mention, your healthy environment.

2. Limit water

The moldy potting soil appears due to continually moistening the plant. Thus, you should limit the amount of water the plant receives. This problem happens for two reasons: you either over water or you schedule-water your plant. In order to make sure there is enough watering, check the top of the soil for dryness before you water the plant.

3. Bring more light

Bringing more light to your plants is a perfect way to control moldy potting soil on indoor plants. Thus, bring that soil as much sunlight as possible.

4. Use a fan

you can also stop moldy potting soil by using a fan. Getting a good air circulation around your plants will keep them cool and dry, preventing moisture.

5. Tidy up your potted plants

Tidy it up. That’s right, you need to clean everything around your plants. This includes the dead leaves and other dead organic materials. These will only feed that nasty moldy problem. So, trim your plant regularly and check out the stems and leaves.

As a conclusion, with just some steps, you can successfully prevent moldy potting soil. Enjoy your plants and the healthy environment.

Efficient tips tricks to prevent moldy potting soil

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