The Most Effective Ways To Get Rid of Ants In Potted Plants

Now, this is frustrating! Do you have ants in your potted plants? Well, it ain’t really a welcome sight. Thus, we need to take immediate action to get rid of this problem. Keep reading this article and find out how to get rid of ants in potted plants and keep them out.

Why do we have ants in potted plants?

That is the question for the centuries. Ants don’t really feel attracted to the potted plants immediately. This pest problem actually happens gradually. Ants will not attack your plants right away.

Actually, the ants are attracted by scales, aphids, or mealybugs, feeding on honeydew. This is a sweet and nutritious excrement produced by these insects. Thus, on one hand, the ants will work to your benefit as the natural predator for pests.

On the other hand, ants are a good indication of other problems your potted plants have. Thus, you have to take some measures to control this. You don’t wanna find out how it could be when things go out of hands.

The most effective ways of getting rid of ants in potted plants

1. One of the most suitable methods for this pest control is a mixture of insecticidal soap and bait.

Thus, you need to buy ant bait and place it along with any trails from your potted plants. Using this bait, the ants will spread it, reducing any ant problems in the future.

Following that, you should take out the plant. Outside is the best place since you need to use the insecticidal soap. Prepare a solution of 1-quart water for 1 to 2 tablespoons insecticidal soap. Submerge the potted plants in this solution for at least 20 minutes.

By doing this, all the ants living in the pot and the soil should be killed.

2. Now, if you would like to resort to more natural solutions, there are a few things you can try. For example, the best repellent for ants is citrus. Thus, by squeezing a citrus on your potted plant will bring out all the ants.

You could also mix water with lemon juice, thus, sprinkling the plant with a perfectly safe good repellent.

3. In order to get a more concentrated solution than the above one, you could add orange juice to the mix. Blend everything and gently spraying it over your plants.

4. Another natural alternative to the insecticidal soap is a DIY soap solution. Thus, you could mix 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in 1 pint of warm water.

5. For a more efficient repellent, peppermint oil is particularly a perfect natural solution.

6. Also, spices can be used to scatter them at the base of the plant to keep the ants away. Some of these spices are cinnamon, cloves, chili powder, coffee grounds, or dried mint tea leaves.

As a conclusion, how to keep the ants away after you have tried everything on the list? You should also keep a clean environment in your house. This means cleaning immediately the spills and storing securely the food. You just gotta make sure everything is tided up. Keeping control in your house will keep the ants away.

The most effective ways to get rid of ants in potted plants

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