How to Protect Your Indoor Plants from Cats

Sometimes, having houseplants and cats is not quite a good combination. We all know how curious the cats could get. Thus, you need to protect your indoor plants from cats. And this could be a major problem. Luckily, with this article, you will solve the problems. Keep reading and see the best natural solutions for you to protect indoor plants from cats.

How to protect indoor plants from cats

When you are trying to keep the cats away, it is very important to not harm them in the process. Thus, you need tips and tricks that are safe both for plants and cats. Check out the following:

1. Add some citrus peels

Adding some citrus peels right at the base of the soil will deter your cat away. You know how they aren’t that crazy about the aroma and smell of lemons.

2. Big rocks

Arranging a few large rocks with the rough edges facing up will be a great solution. Not to mentions the design! These rocks will also help to keep the moisture in the soil. So it’s a win-win situation. Mostly because the cats don’t enjoy the rough rocks on their paws.

3. Get some wire

You should consider adding some wire. So, cut a piece of chicken wire or hardware cloth slightly smaller than the diameter of the container. Cover the wire with a thin layer of potting soil topped with colorful stones or pea gravel.

4. Pine cones

Also, the cats hate the pine cones. Adding some of them into the top of the soil will deter them right away. They don’t appreciate the feel or the smell of pine cones. So it’s a safe solution.

5. Give the cat its own toys to play with

You should give your cat some toys to play with. These could be scratching posts or various toys. Thus, you will be successful in keeping the cat away from your indoor plants. This way, you will prevent boredom, which is one of the reasons houseplants become attractive.

5. Bitter apple spray

Using a bitter apple spray will definitely deter your cat away. This is the most effective solution because they don’t get comfortable with the smell or the aroma.

That’s it. These are some of the most efficient and proven solutions that work. Keep this information in mind and get along with your cat. You don’t have to choose between her and your indoor plants. You can have them both in perfect harmony.

How to protect your indoor plants from cats

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