How to Identify & Get Rid of Lawn Grubs Effectively

Imagine to wake up one day and see that the grass is in ruins. If you also find out this kind of mess in your garden, let me tell you, you didn’t have a deer wreaking havoc. You just face a pest control and not a big one in itself. Because these are little annoying pests. That’s right, little pests are able to do that kind of damage. I am talking about lawn grubs. I notice them while I was cleaning up. As soon as I take out a patch of grass, I see them! They are quite a nuisance not that easy to get rid of. However, I manage to find some of the best tips and tricks to identify and get rid of lawn grubs effectively. Keep reading!

What exactly are lawn grubs?

You might find them also under the name white grubs. They are just a whitish larva in a C-shape of a beetle about ½ inch in length. Basically, the beetles lay their eggs during mid-summer in sunny areas of your lawn. Then, their larva, which is the lawn grubs, live in the soil eating away the roots of grass. Eventually, grubs turn into adult beetles and come out of the soil to mate and lay eggs which hatch into more grubs.

Now, how can we identify them?

Lawn grub damage is usually visible from late summer and peaking in the early fall. If you have irregular patches of grass that are brown and dry, check to see if a patch easily peels away from the soil. If a patch of grass lifts up like a carpet with no roots holding it down, you likely have an infestation of lawn grubs.

Furthermore, you also need to know that the best time to apply a lawn grub treatment is midsummer to early fall. This is because at this point, grubs are small, immature and closer to the surface.

Check out these tips and tricks:

1. First off, make sure you get rid of the dry patches and cut the grass before treatment.

2. Then, do what you can to attract birds to your yard. You can use bird feeders, bird baths, and nesting homes. These birds will be your predators, feeding off of lawn grubs.

3. Another lawn control option would be setting up a trap using beer. Use an old plastic bowl approximately three inches deep by six inches in diameter. Dig a hold so the bowl fits where the top lip of the container is at ground level. Pour the beer into the bowl.

4. Use environmental-safe products to kill grubs that are present at the time as well as those that may hatch throughout the season.

– One of the solutions you can use is Dylox which is the only fast acting and most effective in the fall.

– Also, Milky Spore is another effective and environmentally safe ingredient. Use it on active grubs as a prevention.

– You can also use neem oil, a botanical pesticide that repels against beetles and lawn grubs.

– Another solution would be nematodes, a soil-dwelling worm that releases bacteria into the soil which in turn, infects and kills lawn grubs.

5. Finally, you need to replant the dead lawn patches to recover your lawn!

How to Identify & Get Rid of Lawn Grubs Effectively
How to Identify & Get Rid of Lawn Grubs Effectively

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