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DIY Wasp & Hornet Trap To Reclaim Your Yard

With the coming of spring, we begin to spend more and more time outside. One thing that can ruin a beautiful and relaxing warm spring day is wasps and hornets. Thus, you need to take action quickly before they come in as an army. Check out this pest control DIY wasp & hornet trap to reclaim your yard and enjoy your summer.

This trap I proved to be very effective and easy to make. It only consists of a 2-liter pop bottle with some PEX tubing. The PEX is not very expensive and you could improvise and use something similar.

Now, as you can figure, the bait is the key to the success of this trap. Thus, you should use half a cup of warm water, half a cup of apple juice, a quarter cup of white vinegar, about three or four teaspoons of sugar, a few cat food morsels, and some thin slices of raw meat such as hot dog.

The key ingredient of this whole trap is to use one drop of dish soap, not more. Insects can usually land on top of the water. However, they will not sink in due to their low mass. Hence, using the dish soap, you will be able to remove the surface tension of the water. That’s how you can cause the wasp & hornet to fall deep into the water. Thus, you will drown them successfully.

Then, you should smear some vinegar around the entry points to discourage any passing honey bees from entering. Hence, poke some holes around the entry points to allow the smell to travel to the wasp & hornet.

Finally, place your trap outside, near where all the wasps and hornets are buzzing. Then, simply walk back to your house. You will be surprised to find, a few hours later, around one or two wasps & hornet already in the trap, floating in the water! Also, you might find some more around the holes on the outside, if you are lucky.

Awesome! This project was amazing to work on because it secures the yard for my family and now I can spend time outside without fear of being stung.

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