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How to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally & Enjoy Your Garden

Who love mosquitoes? That’s right, nobody does. They are one of the most annoying insect pests alive. Hence, if you live in an area with a lot of them, it can completely destroy your summer. and mostly like they will prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities in your backyard and garden. Thus, you need to know how to repel mosquitoes effectively. In this article, you will find some tips for controlling mosquitoes around your home without pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

1. The first step is to examine your yard thoroughly a day or two after a heavy rainfall. You need to look for areas with standing water that might harbor mosquito larvae. Also, if you have old tires and similar man-made water collectors, you probably will find some mosquitoes hiding in there. Thus, dump out any standing water you find, or better yet, remove the breeding habitat completely.

2. Not to mention, you also need to change the water in birdbaths at least two times per week.

3. Furthermore, if you also own a pond, consider adding a waterfall or fountain to prevent the water from becoming stagnant. Another great idea would be to add koi because it voraciously eats mosquito larvae, pupae, and adults. If you are looking for more or other good mosquito-eating fish you can also turn to goldfish, dragonflies, Gambusia affinis, or Golden Shiners.

4. Next, you should cut the edge plantings back so they don’t overhang the water. Also, make sure you keep aquatic plants from growing in still corners of the pond. That way, you will keep them from providing protection for mosquito larvae.

5. Then, try to provide some underwater and emergent plants such as sedges or rushes. However, because dragonflies will use these plants to climb out of the water when changing from their nymph form to adults.

6. There are a number of plants that repel them. Planting a mix of these plants around your home and patio can create mosquito-free zones for outdoor entertaining and other activities.

One of the most famous plant to repel mosquitoes is citronella grass. Another well-known plant is the marigold. These cheery flowers repel many other insect pests as well but are popular nectar sources for butterflies. Catnip is famous for attracting cats, but what is less well known is that it also repels mosquitoes! The lovely and aromatic garden herbs rosemary, basil, lavender, lemon balm, and lemongrass are also effective.

7. You could also invite predators. Fish and dragonflies are not the only animals that love to eat mosquitoes. Birds, bats, frogs, and toads will also take a significant chunk out of the insect population.

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