3 DIY Pesticide-Free Fly Traps

When the summer comes, we can all identify that common nuisance. That’s right, I am talking about flies. They are such small invaders, getting in the house from an open window or through screen doors. God forbid we have some fruits on the tables, they jump on them like it’s gold. Not to mention, they multiply so quickly that it doesn’t take long to have an entire army on your plate. Do not despair, though! Fortunately, there are simple and natural ingredients that can overcome this issue. And you can make them as fun DIY trap projects with materials you have around the house. Keep reading and check out these three homemade pesticide-free fly traps.

1. The DIY Bottle Fly Trap

This is an easy DIY because you don’t need a lot of supplies, all you will you need are:

– an empty plastic bottle of any size.
– a pair of scissors.
– duct tape
– and bait to attract the flies.

Let’s start making the fly trap, here you have the instructions:

– start by cutting off the top of the bottle. It needs to be a wide section.
– then, go and fill the bottom half with a few inches of bait mixed with liquid.
– invert the top half of the bottle and rest it on the bottom half.
– now it is time for you to tape around the outer edge. That’s how you get to hold it in place.
– There you go, now you are sure the flies can’t crawl out.

That’s it, your DIY bottle fly trap is done! Place it wherever you know there might be flies, it will attract them. It is a perfect trap when they fly down into the bottle.

2. DIY Fly Trap Using Vinegar

This is another easy DIY, using vinegar, another efficient ingredient to help you get rid of flies. For this, you will need a bowl to fill with the bait and an inch or two of apple cider. To make it even harder for them, you could also add some sugar. Then, you should also add some dish soap so they flies won’t be able to survive. they won’t resist the smell and will drown right away.

3. DIY Bottle Fly Trap Using Wine

Because fruit flies are most attracted to something sweet, wine should also be on the table. Red wine is your best option so make sure to sacrifice a little for these pests. Thus, fill a bottle with an inch of red wine. Then, get a large piece of paper and make a cone with a hole fit enough for these invaders to get in. Place it in the opening of the wine bottle, and then tape it in place if you need to. That way, the flies will get their way in without any chance to get out.

There you have them. You can now enjoy your summer without these buzzing insects.

3 DIY Pesticide Free Fly Traps

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