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5 Efficient Ways To Get Rid Of Pocket Gophers

The pocket gopher is a burrowing rodent found here, there, and everywhere. Their purpose in life seems to be the destruction of plants and land. They can measure up to a foot in length, depending on the species. They have sharp teeth and claws and most of their feeding consists of the plant parts below ground. The breeding season for these little destructive pests is spring. Thus, tis the season. Now is the time to take action and get rid of pocket gophers efficiently. Keep reading and see some efficient ways you can achieve this!


Pocket gophers really don’t like them. Thus, put a box of mothballs and dog poop and covered the top of the hole with plastic.

Catch-them-alive traps

One way to catch a gopher alive is to use the old-school yard snare. Get about 10 feet of string and two pencils. In one end of the string, tied a loose snare loop with a big knot. Find a fresh mound and dig the gophers’ tunnel wide open. On the side away from the opening stick the two pencils into the ground next to each other and place line between the pencils with the snare knot between pencils and hole. Wrap snare loop around inside of the hole. Go ten feet away and wait until gopher appears and tries to fill the opening. A gentle tug on snare will get him.

Another useful trap is the rat trap. Thus, use rat traps with peanut butter and birdseed as the bait. Sounds like a good idea, both inexpensive and effective.

Auto flares

Hence, try to use auto flares in the holes. Dig out the pocket gopher hole light the flare and throw it in, cover it up. go to the next tunnel system and do the same. Gophers hate the smell of sulfur.

Castor oil

Use after the bottle rockets and Roman candles. See Larry in the comments section.

A more extreme method would be:

A pick and shovel. You could start digging until you reach either the property line or the pocket gopher. This may sound destructive, but the tunnel will either collapse and leave a rut in your yard, or another gopher will move in after the first is gone.

Thus, by digging up the tunnel and refilling after your gopher is gone, the possibility for another to move into the tunnel is eliminated. It is hard work, but with a water hose and a pick, you can get them. The biggest thing is to get right after them as soon as you see a mound, and before they dig for miles. That always will get you the best result.

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