How to Keep Away Unwanted Visitors on Your Bird Feeder

If you decide to set up a bird feeder, this is a great idea. It’s relaxing to watch colorful songbirds visit your yard each day. Thus, with a little effort, you can learn a great deal about your local ecosystem. It’s good for the birds too, as you are providing them with an abundant, reliable energy resource. However, it won’t be long until unwanted visitors decide they’d like a little bit of that energy resource too. Bird feeders don’t just attract birds. They attract all kinds of creatures. They may pose a danger to the birds or even to your family, and they may damage property, which is not acceptable. So how do you stop them? In this article, you’ll learn about a few things you can do to keep away unwanted bird feeder visitors.

You might find some aggressive birds that show up. Squirrels and chipmunks may be the biggest headaches backyard birders face. They will mercilessly empty your bird feeder on a daily basis, and at times you will feel like you are feeding them more than the birds. Field mice are also likely to visit your feeder. In most cases, they probably can’t even access the feeder itself, but will instead scrounge for seed on the ground beneath it. Finally, we get to one of my biggest pet peeves: Stray and wandering house cats. House cats are not a natural part of the ecosystem, and they wreak havoc on songbirds and other small animals.

Hence, here you have 7 tips to keep away unwanted bird feeder visitors.

1. Provide several feeders so small birds aren’t chased away by bigger birds.

2. Use squirrel baffles and squirrel-proof feeders to slow down squirrels and chipmunks.

3. Keep the area underneath your feeders clean so mice and rats aren’t attracted to your yard.

4. Store your extra seed indoors in a proper container that rodents can’t easily access.

5. Remove your feeders at night and place them in a secure area to discourage black bears and nocturnal rodents.

6. Discourage house cats by keeping the area around your feeders free of ambush locations.

7. Keep an eye out for frequent cat visits and remove your feeders if things get out of control.

While you can never completely remove the nuisance of unwanted bird feeder visitors, for me personally the practices listed above have greatly reduced the minor problems, and effectively eliminated some of the major issues. Good luck keeping your bird feeder safe from unwanted visitors. If you have any tips to add feel free to mention them in the comments section!

How to Keep Away Unwanted Visitors on Your Bird Feeder 1

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