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3 Important Steps For Organic Plant Care

In an increasingly polluted world, we need a deep breath of fresh air. How? Well, we don’t call for Captain Planet, but we can create our small unpolluted world, you know? And that is by growing organic plants in the garden, or why not, on the balcony. You should know that is much easier to grow organic plants you’re your own compost and fertilizers, than to buy them from hers stores. You will see the difference when you’ll harvest your fruits…the taste is incomparable to any other big and red tomato from the market. You’ll love and thank for this opportunity.

1. Rainwater – the best source for watering
Many times, even if you respect using the proper soil, fertilizers give proper light to your plant, it will still suffer. The reason? Tap water! Tap water contains a number of salts that are not recommended for plants. That’s why rainwater is ideal, which is free and doesn’t affect the environment. You can collect rainwater in barrels, or simply, you can collect it in a bucket, and use it to water your plants with it.

2. Make your own compost (for flowers, especially)
It’s easy to prepare it but it requires patience (until the compost decomposes) and a storage place. Make a hole in the ground or put in a wooden crate, and collect all vegetable debris from the plants you cut in fall or spring, add the fallen leaves (but only if they are free of pests or diseases), and add food scrapes. Let them decompose and “stir in it” from time to time. Put the resulting compost at the base of your plants for them to grow healthy, strong and beautiful.

3. Eliminate pests with herbal fragrance
It’s known that many pests don’t attack certain plants, precisely because of their smell. So plant these flowers (cherry, lavender, etc.) in your garden or patio among other flowers and have a beautiful garden setting, without being necessary to add chemical treatments to get rid of pests.

Image Credits: Planetnatural

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