Diy Mosquito Trap To Catch These Annoying Buzzing Insects

During summer insects are everywhere, and that’s joyful somehow, but not when mosquitos attack you! And if you are tired to keep them away using all sorts of mosquito protective nets, then you should try some successful and useful mosquito traps, which can be made by you!

For an effective and ecological mosquito trap, you need:

– 1 plastic bottle
– a sharp knife
– 200 ml of warm water
– 50 grams of sugar
– 1 gram of yeast
– some newspapers or a plastic black foil

How to make a mosquito trap at home in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Remove the plastic bottle cap. Cut the upper third of the bottle (the cap side) with a knife and don’t throw the detached upper part.
Step 2: Mix 200 ml of warm water with 50 grams of sugar and pour the mixture into the remaining bottle after cutting.
Step 3: When the water and sugar mixture cools, add 1 gram of powdered yeast or a piece of fresh yeast. There is no need to mix again.
Step 4: Turn the top of the bottle with the cap down, and place it in a bottle full of water, sugar and yeast. Your trap should look like a funnel through where you can pour liquid. The neck of the bottle shouldn’t touch the liquid on the bottom of the bottle, so that the insects can enter into the trap.
Step 5: Wrap the bottle in newspapers or black plastic foil.
Step 6: Place the mosquito trap in a dark corner of the house and wait for the buzzing pray to come.

The mixture of water, sugar and yeast will attract mosquitoes, which will be trap through the inverted neck of the glass, but won’t be able to go out. The yeast will ferment in the water, and sugar will produce alcohol that makes the mosquito dizzy. He can’t fly anymore and falls into liquid.

Image Credits: Insectcop

diy mosquito trap to catch these annoying insects

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