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Productive Way To Get Rid Of Spiders In The House And Garden

Most of us are scared of spiders, wishing they just disappear. But not everybody knows that spiders are some beneficial insects that will get you rid of mosquitoes in the garden. Yes, mosquitoes and spiders are two scary insects, but those annoying and itchy mosquito bites are very painful. So, in my opinion you better see a spider than to be bitten by a mosquito. But, I’ll show you a great and productive method to get rid of spiders in the garden, without killing them or using toxic substances.

Spiders are not insects
Because spiders have eight legs and the body is formed of two parts, they are part of the arachnids class, not the insects. There are about 35,000 different species in the world. They are harmless to humans, at least those in U.S. Not even the poisonous ones have bad consequences on us. In addition, they hunt flies, mosquitoes and other insects around us. However, we don’t really like to have them in the house.

Plants that drive away spiders
There are a number of plants and flowers that spiders hate, such as chestnuts and tomatoes. Gather chestnuts that still have a green shell. Cut them in two and put them in the corners of the chambers or around the garden. Plant a chestnut in the garden, near the house. Or put chestnut branches at the windows. You can also try essential chestnut oil from India. Spread a few drops on the door or around the windows to put the spiders on the run.
Tomatoes are sending spiders away. So, put tomato leaves around the house, or plant some tomatoes in the garden. This way you’ll eat eco-tomatoes and you’ll keep spiders away. Or you can plant tomatoes in pots, on the balcony.

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

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