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5 Shade Friendly Plants You Can Grow On A North Facing Balcony

If your balcony is too shady, it means that it’s orientated to the Nordic side. And you may think it’s not possible to grow any plant there, but I’ve done my research and that’s absolutely wrong. The following plants are easy to grow in shade, giving your balcony the perfect and most beautiful look.

The spider plant (Chlorophytum) is attractive due to the waterfall effect generated by the flexible stems springing from the middle of the bushes. They produce both flowers and rosettes of leaves with their own roots. Supports semi-shade very well and temperatures between 15-22 ° C. Watering should be moderate, no matter the season.

The snake skin and sword design bears easily the rooms with dry air. It develops harmoniously at both high and low temperatures, with the observation that it doesn’t need to be excessively watered. Flowers are white and rarely appear, only in elderly plants. After the flowering stage, the red fruits also appear.

The decorative bumblebee (Coleus) caresses your eyes with its painted leaves in various colors. Keep the soil slightly moist and at an optimum temperature of 15-25 ° C. However, the inflorescence must be removed as soon as it appears, because after the reproduction function, the plant dies. This operation has, in addition, the planting effect of the plant.

Appreciated for the abundance of flowers, azalea admires sublime cool and semi-shady spaces. Careful! Watering with cold water has the effect of yellowing the leaves and slowing growth. It doesn’t bear the substrate and air dry, and the soil must be porous, permeable and acidic.

Nephrolepis, the most popular fern, requires a north-facing space and a high humidity in both air and substrate. In summer, plant leaves should be sprayed with water. For the fern, the soil substrate must be a porous mixture, and for the drainage of the water there should be a layer of sand or gravel on the bottom of the vessel.

Image Credits: Housebeautiful

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