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6 Steps To Make Phalaenopsis Orchids To Bloom And Re-Bloom

Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the most beautiful and popular apartment plants. It’s a plant that is easy to grow, and if moisture, heat and light conditions are created, it will flourish 3 times a year and we will enjoy our beautiful flowers for 3-4 months, including winter.

However, as much as we enjoy too see it flowering, we get extremely disappointed to see how this amazing flower loses its flowers, without any sign of regaining its bloom again. This is the time when we have to help it flourish again.

1. Pay attention to roots!
If the orchid’s roots are in good condition, the plant will soon flourish. As far as it can, in order to trigger another flowering of the orchid, you have to move the plant into a pot with lateral holes, easily found in the specialized stores.

2. Light
You must know that Orchids love the light, but it mustn’t be left in direct sunlight, say special gardeners.
It resists like a hero during summer temperatures, but with only one condition: to spray it periodically with water or to provide a good humidity in the room. From time to time, it’s good to shower it, but we have to be careful not to leave the water between leaves joints, because there is the “heart of the plant”, from there Orchids will give new leaves and the water can favor mold appearance.

3. Humidity
Usually, during winter we have to water it every 1-2 weeks, depending on room humidity, and during summer, several times a week. The strange roots of this Orchid will always be a clue if it needs a new watering. When they have the greenish shade, it’s time to water it.

4. Temperature
Day-night temperature variations can influence the blooming of orchids that prefer cooler nights, those in which room temperature drops around 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

As with other plants, the orchid needs food. In specialty stores you will find special fertilizer for orchids, which will help your favorite plant give new flowers.

6. Stimulation
After the first flowers will pass, wait for a few weeks, because from top a new rod may appear. If it doesn’t, then cut the rod over node no. 4, counting down from its base.

Within a few months, a new rod from one of the nodes under the cut should appear. If the new rod won’t appear on the old one, look at the base of the leaves, from where the new knots appear.

Image Credits: Proplants

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