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Ancient Method To Propagate Fruit Trees From Cuttings

An old method of growing trees and shrubs catches the eyes of fruit growers!
“The air springs” – as the multiplication method is called, has the advantage of being very convenient because it doesn’t require special tools, and the plants are not stressed and will quickly recover from this process.

It’s well known that multiplying hortivic plants is done in two ways:

– sexual way, that is, by seeds;

– asexual or vegetative way, through different parts of the plant

Vegetative propagation has a number of advantages: the descendants obtained reproduce exactly parental characters, uniformity and quick entry into the fruit, to which it can be added the favorable influence of the rootstock in case of grafting.

The “air springs” are obtained in spring last year’s sprouts, or the roots are formed on rigid sprouts.

How to do it:

– 15 to 25 cm high, remove a bark ring;
– Cover with warm and wet soil, moss or scones, and the roots begin to grow energetic;
– Then we separate the sprout with its roots from the plant, and we plant it in the desired place;

The breeding method can also be applied at the end of summer from almost rigid sprouts from the same year.

Choose a growing sprout:
– on an area of 15-30 cm from the top of the sprout, remove all the twigs and
– Then make a ring on the sprout, where all the nutrients begin to gather in the place where roots will be formed;

The best environment for root formation is the swamp moss, which maintains moisture, because it’s porous and not difficult to use:
– put the moss in the water;
– then we take two handful of moss, drain it gently and form a sphere (ball);
– When we get a “ball” with a diameter of 6-7 cm, we break it in half and we surround this half with one of the ring from the sprout at both ends, and the new isolate them with duct tape
– Make sure the humidity in the atmosphere won’t penetrate inside the ball, otherwise the moss could drench too much moisture.

Image Credits: Handyman

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