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Hot Pepper Tea To Get Rid Of Aphids (Plant Lice)

Plant lice are a so annoying! Because it spoils the flowers and can kill the plants for which we’ve worked so hard to have. But this situation is coming to an end, because I found the saving solution to get rid of aphids.
Plant lice or aphids are common pests for some species. Thus roses, Clematis, some shrubs, and some deciduous species are attacked by aphids.

Aphids are green-gray or black, are very small and live in colonies on the back of the leaves, on the tips of the sprouts and the lyches. Their presence is massive in May-June when they suck the sap of plants, hinder their development, and sometimes they can kill younger plants.

Here are the most popular methods other than chemical ones that can help you to get rid of aphids:

♦ Wash the plants with a powerful jet of water to remove the aphids and kill them. The method isn’t so effective, but applied to the early signs of the aphid appearance is very useful.
♦ Spray a water solution with homemade soap. Grate some homemade soap, and let it dissolve in warm water. 3 tablespoons of grated soap added to one liter of water. Shake well the container for the soap to dissolve. The resulting solution is divided into two. Dilute each side with 1.2 liter of water and make two sprays for two days.
♦ Planting thyme and lavender bushes close to roses prevent them from aphids, because the odor of these plants will exterminate aphids.
♦ The thyme or lavender tea (highly concentrated) sprayed on the attacked plants is effective, but the effects occur after two or three splashes.
♦ The shower and spraying water mixed with rubbing alcohol (one part alcohol, two parts water). This alcohol solution kills eggs and small larvae and is a good treatment in the first phase of aphid invasion. Applying this solution in time can help you get rid of aphids. For more safety, repeat the treatment a few times every 2 days.
♦ It seems to be effective if you prepare hot pepper tea as it follows:

You need:

– 5-6 hot peppers
– 1 liter of water

Put the water to boil, and when it starts to simmer add the hot peppers in it. Put the lid over the pot, and let it boil for 5 minutes. Leave the tea to cool, and spray it over the plants while cold.

Image Credits: Hirerush

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