How To Get Rid Of Those Destructive Weeds In The Garden

If your favorite flowers are suffocated by weeds, it’s time to start attacking them! Don’t rush to use chemical herbicides. Choose some ecological solutions and your garden will be weed-free!

Weeds grow and multiply faster than any crop plant. Thoroughly dig the ground where weeds are to prevent them from sprouting. It’s one of the best solutions for annual plants, that’s why you shouldn’t let these weeds to bloom or shake the seeds on the ground. If you cut seedless young weeds, you can let them dry and decompose in the garden, to fertilize the soil. If weeds have seeds already, you should burn them, don’t add them in compost. Unlike annual weeds, perennials weeds have very deep roots, and digging them it’s not enough.

► Remove them by hand

The easiest method is to plug weeds from the ground with their roots, every time it appears. Before putting your gloves on to remove the weeds, just water the garden very well. If the roots remain in dry soil, in a few days new weeds will grow.

► Cover the earth

Prepare a mixture of straw, finely shred tree bark and leaves, to cover the ground among flowers and decorative shrubs. Without sun and light, weed seeds will no longer germinate and you will easily get rid of them. In addition to this benefit, bark mulch keeps moisture and nutrients in the soil, being at the same time a practical and decorative element. During winter, the bark mulch protects flower roots from frosting, and can easily be changed over a year or two.

► Protect yourself from neighbors

If the weeds get into your garden from your neighbors, dig a deep and narrow ditch near the fence, and cover it with thick plastic foils. Then fill the ditch with dug earth or decorative gravel. The roots of the weeds can no longer pass through the plastic wall and this way you’ll get rid of these green invaders.

► Environmental-friendly solutions

Vinegar, poured at the root of the weeds, will burn them, just like nettle maceration.

How to prepare nettle macerate

You need:
– 10 kg of nettles
– 10 l of water

Pour the solution over the weeds in the garden. Let them dry for a few days.

Image Credits: Grampasweeder

how to get rid of those destructive weeds in the garden

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