Useful Tips You Should Know To Grow Basil In Pots

You could grow a bush of basil in the pot. It’s decorative, easy to grow, easy to care for, you can put it in any room you want, and you’ll also have fresh basil leaves for all kinds of dishes. In addition, it’s said that if you grow basil in pots, you’ll be rich and lucky.

A basil bush in pots adapts well to any environment, the plant especially needs heat. You have to find a light place, at least a few hours a day, because basil needs plenty of light. But a bush of basil in pot resists well in any circumstances if it’s well watered and if it has a fertile soil. Don’t wonder if it will bloom. The flowers are resistant and can decorate the basil leaves in pots for several weeks.

Basil must be watered frequently but nevertheless the water must not be poured or remain in the pot’s plate. To stimulate plant density, the leaves should be cut regularly. In the first year of life you must cut the outer sprouts to limit the height rise and free the bush. The leaves fall very fast if they don’t get enough water, but once you will water them they will get back to life.

Important! Growing basil in pots will keep mosquitoes away and other annoying insects. It will also send away any awful smell.

Image Credits: Plantsdontwine

useful tips you should know to grow basil in pots

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