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How To Bring Back To Life Frozen Plants

If those low temperatures affected your plants because you just forgot to take them inside, don’t worry! There is a solution for everything! You will save your flowers, by prolonging their life, if you follow the next instructions. Trust me, been there, done that!

It takes caution and patience

First of all, you need to determine which plants have been affected by frost. You will realize it quite easily, because those who have faded because of low temperatures are withered, and will become black and deformed. You will see that the leaves are almost transparent, and the stem becomes brown.
However, if the plant has a woody stem, it’s possible that the frozen water won’t affect its root, so that the plant can be easily saved from frost.

And patience is the key when it comes to managing the problems that occur in plants affected by frost. Don’t take the brown parts away just to revive that particular portion of the plant. Trimming the plant stimulates growth, and the next frost will only destroy it. In addition, it will consume too much energy to grow, which will make it even more vulnerable.

Leave it for the moment, and cover it with a wool fabric or plastic wrap when low temperatures are predicted overnight. In the morning, instead, leave it in the sunlight. At the root you can place a thick layer of straw.
If it’s a potted plant, then shelter it from the very beginning in a very low temperature place. But, pay attention! It’s best to leave it on the porch or on a less heated lobby. Don’t leave it, under no circumstances, near a heat source, because the transition will be hard and you risk losing it for good.

Then wait! Until? Until the danger of a new frost has passed.

Trimming the plant

After all the above therapy, cut all of the affected parts. Don’t be afraid to remove even half of the plant if it doesn’t have enough sap. When it will be warmed by the sun’s rays, it’ll start to grow fast, and you’ll be glad you didn’t ruin it by thinking is dead forever.

Tip: for woody plants you have to cut the cracked bark and let it regenerate.

Image Credits: Walkinmygarden

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