How To Grow Glorious Geraniums With Natural Solutions

Do you want to have the most beautiful geraniums? Whether you grow them indoors, or on the balcony or in the garden, you have to resort to a very simple trick to have the most beautiful flowers! Yes, my grandma is using it, and she is the geranium godmother in the village she lives in. everyone is admiring her flowers, and I understand why.

It’s advisable that geranium, regardless of the specie, shouldn’t be watered with tap water.
Boil the water before watering geraniums, leave it to decant, because this way will eliminate any particles that will damage your geraniums.

Also, it must be left in a container for at least one day or two to decant. Ideally, it should be kept in the container for at least three days.

Those who have the possibility to collect rainwater are advised to water their geraniums with it. It’s healthier than using tap water.

Once a month, in the blooming season, you can add a little bit of fertilizer to them, such as crushed eggshells mixed with banana peels.

Image Credits: Ortobo

how to grow glorious geranimus with natural solutions

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