How To Grow Happy Orchids With Birth Control Pills

Orchids are beautiful plants that resist almost in any home. But few are the ones who know how to care properly for orchids, so that the plants grow and bloom every year. Here are some of secrets from florists that nobody has told you before.

As a rule, the flowering period of an orchid begins in spring. It’s the period when you have to water the plant more often, but with a small amount of water.

A trick used by florists to enhance the flowering of orchids is to add a birth control pill in the watering water.

More precisely, add 1 birth control pill to 1 liter of water, leave the pill to dissolve, and water the plant with it for 2-3 weeks. But don’t forget to add a small amount of water, just to moisten the soil. Otherwise, if you add too much water, the plant will rot in a few hours.

Careful! Don’t abuse this treatment because the plant won’t bloom anymore.

Image Credits: Serenataflowers

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