Quick Homemade Solution To Get Rid Of Colorado Beetles

Colorado beetle is a great disgrace. It’s passionate about attacking the crops from the vegetable garden, and its favorite crops are: potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, and so on.

Colorado beetle is an insect of the coleopteran family of chrysomelids, spread all over the world. It’s a pest that appears to attack the crops in June-July months, when it’s very hot (when temperature is more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s the best time for the Colorado beetle to start the day and attack your crops), having a special preference for potatoes, but also for eggplants and tomatoes, beans and other vegetables.

The first solution to get rid of the Colorado beetle is to give up planting potatoes in the garden. If your garden is small, just for your own consumption, potatoes are not a good choice. If, however, you already planted potatoes, and you don’t want to use chemical solutions, I understand you. I don’t like using chemicals in the house and garden either.

But the most effective way to get rid Colorado beetle is to arm yourself with patience and start picking them from the leaves on warm days. It’s a hard task, but you will get rid of them. Be careful to remove the larvae also, and put the beetles in a jar of water. Let them stand there for 1 week to “macerate” and use the obtained solution to spray it over the plants. This is the boomerang effect, an eco-solution to get rid of Colorado beetles.

Hot pepper infusion to get rid of Colorado beetles

Hot pepper infusion is the cure for all the bads in the garden, being extremely effective in getting rid of
Colorado beetle.

You need:

– 10-20 pieces of hot pepper
– 2 liters of water
– liquid soap

Cut the hot peppers in small pieces, and pour hot water over them. Let the solution to infuse for 12-24 hours, and then add 1 tablespoon of liquid soap in the solution. Use it to spray over the Colorado beetles. This is among the most effective solution to get rid of these disgusting and destroying cockroaches.

Image Credits: Lazybfarm

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