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How To Encourage Cacti To Bloom Faster

Making a cacti bloom may seem impossible sometimes. However, the cacti flowers are considered some of the most spectacular flowers due to their bright colors. Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you to trigger a new blooming in cacti:

First of all you should know the type of cacti you have, because not all cacti plants bloom. Some cacti plants open their petals only at certain hours.

If you buy a cactus, it’s very important to know when is its blooming period to know when to add high potassium fertilizer (one/two months before blooming).

In winter it’s important to keep the cacti away from cold, and place it where the sun rays are still touching its petals. During this time when the cacti rest, you should reduce watering to once or twice a month.

In spring and summer, you have to make sure that the cactus is watered and that it is always wet.

In autumn, the cacti don’t need much watering, only when the plant is very dry.

Don’t be upset if won’t bloom immediately because these plants are continue growing, and years may pass until their first blooming. You have to be patience.

Image Credits: Junesteward

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