Winter Is Here! Important Tips For Moving Plants Indoors

The latest weather forecasts talk about a dramatic cool period in the next period, so temperatures will get very low in thermometers. That’s why it’s time to make some indoors space for our plants.
If during summer your flowers enjoyed the sun rays and airy baths on the balcony, now it’s time to move them indoors, otherwise your flowers may die. Here are some tricks to make this transition easier for your plants:

Choose a good pot
Along with low temperatures and moving plants indoors is a good time to assure them the right pots. During the summer, many of them may have developed and you will find that they are now living in undersized pots.

Check them for pests
It’s a good time to check the plants and see if they have not been attacked by the pests. Look especially at the back of the leaves, but also in the plant soil. And use a special spray to remove these pests.

Acclimatise the plants
Moving plants from the air to the inside must be done gradually so that they don’t suffer a thermal shock. Move them, at first, on a terrace (in a sheltered place), and after then move the plants inside the house. Plants need to have an adaption time until they reach the indoor temperature. You should keep in mind that the indoor place should have enough humidity, so the plant leaves don’t get brown and dry.

Image Credits: Finegardening


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