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5 Basic Rules To Care For Houseplants During The Cold Season

Houseplants need your constant attention to survive the cold season. A simple warmy won’t completely solve the needs of indoor plants. Here are some simple rules you should apply to help your plants to pass safe through cold season.

1. Don’t overwater them!
The winter watering of plants is done much slower than in summer. Before watering apartment plants, you can check if the soil in the pot is dry in the depth. Only then you can water the plant. Drain the water from the plate of the pot if you watered excessively. This prevents the roots of the plant from rotting. Certain plants don’t need waterings at all during winter, such as cactuses.

2. Ensure their humidity
The air indoors is much drier than the outdoors, and your plants will need extra humidity. Place the pots on plastic or ceramic plates filled with fine gravel. Sprinkle every 2 to 3 days the gravel with water to create a damp atmosphere around your favorite flowers. The method is especially recommended for exotic plants.

3. Don’t replant them
Your indoor plants are now in a well-deserved rest. Don’t bother them in trying to transplant them in larger pots you can irretrievably destroy the plants you love. You can schedule plant transplantation at the beginning of spring or autumn.

4. Give it light
In winter, poor light gives a lot of problem for indoor plants. Even if you don’t have many places exposed to natural light, you can rotate the plants according to a well-established calendar, so that every plant to benefit a few days in the light. Don’t forget to wipe dust off plant leaves.

5. Beware of air currents
Air currents are the enemies of any indoor plant. Ventilate each room, one by one, to protect the plants from sudden temperature changes. Don’t forget to make sure that the plant leaves on the window sill are not stuck directly to the glass. These may be affected by overnight cold.

Image Credits: Hejdoll

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