How To Care And Grow For Amaryllis – The Winter Lily

Few winter flowers can beautify your home as Amaryllis can do it, the winter lily. Its colorful and floral richness is able to give a touch of tropical warmth inside the home, being a perfect decorative plant for an intimate home. Here’s how you can grow this beautiful flower in your home!

Amaryllis belladona is a native plant from South Africa. At first glance, in flower shops, the leafless stem may not have a great impact on you, but it’s definitely worth giving it a place in the house. It’s a pretty resistant flower pot, which during spring and summer can also stand outside in the garden or on the terrace of your house.

Winter lily care

The easiest way to get a winter lily is to check out the nearby florist and grocery stores. The period in which most stores are stocked with winter lilies is between September and February. The plant is bulbous and is placed in a medium-sized pot. It will need regular watering, but with little water, so as not to risk damaging the bulb.

Put it in the light

When the plant will enter your home, you will need to find a well-lit area, but away from direct sunlight. Its soil must be kept soft and loose, and soil changing is done every two years in summer.

Ideal temperature

To fully enjoy the beautiful Amaryllis flowers, keep the plant at a constant temperature of 68-77 degrees, especially in the period before the bloom burst. Once the first flower blooms, Amaryllis can bloom to five fresh flowers and a few hours. After the elegant flowers have been bloomed, it is recommended that the plant be placed in a slightly cooler room for its flowers to last as long as possible.

Clean the lily

Once the winter lily flowers have fallen, don’t be surprised if the first leaves of the plant will rise from the ground. It is time to clean the lily of the rods left without flowers to allow the leaves to rise as quickly as possible. These will be maintained until September, when they will help to grow the flower bulb.

How To Care And Grow For Amaryllis The Winter Lily

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