How To Protect Potted Plants From Frost And Freeze

Sometimes it may be impossible to deposit all the potted plants in the house if you don’t have a greenhouse. That’s why you have to divide the potted plants into sensitive and less sensitive: the sensitive potted plants will get inside the house and the other will stay outdoors.
The less sensitive plants remaining outdoors must be cared for very meticulously not to frost overwinter.

Applying mulch

Mulch will prevent the soil from freezing and maintains an optimal humidity inside the pot. So, apply a generous mulch layer on the soil surface. You can also put over the mulch a layer of dried leaves. Don’t wrap the pot in plastic foil because air won’t properly ventilate the plant, and the roots will rot.

Putting the pots in shelter

The outdoor potted plants should be placed in a zone where the wind doesn’t blow. Another trick is to put all the pots together – this way the plants will provide warmth and shelter to each other, protecting them from frost. As a tip, you can place them under a bench, chair or a table.

“Dress-up” the pots

You can cover the pots with some old clothes or cardboard. This way you‘ll prevent soil from freezing and the plant roots will be protected.

The watering should be done in the morning

During winter, potted outdoor plants should be water from time to time; only on the days when the temperature are not so low. Morning watering will prevent plants from frosting because the sun rays will cuddle them.

Image Credits: Coolgarden

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