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Winter-Friendly Plants You Can Grow Harmoniously On The Terrace

What? You thought that your terrace will be boring in winter? Well, you’re wrong, because there are some charming plants that you can grow on the terrace even when the temperatures in thermometers are very low.
These plants adapt to any climatic conditions, have a fast growth and can grow harmoniously even in the snow. Here are some of these amazing plant varieties that you can beautify your balcony or terrace with, during the winter:

1. Camellia
Camellia is an evergreen plant that only needs strong light to grow. But it must be protected from the wind, because it is quite fragile.

2. Winter forest fruits
You can grow on the balcony even berries in the winter. These plants need a long sprouting period. They require at least two to three years until they give fruits, so they change the boring décor of your balcony or terrace. Forest berries must be planted in autumn and transplanted in early spring.

3. Bergenia
Another cold-resistant plant with which you can decorate your balcony in winter is bergenia. It has green leaves all winter and can grow up to half a meter. It has intensely colored flowers in shades of burgundy and even white. Its heart-shaped leaves change color in autumn, giving a shade of bronze, purple or burgundy. Glamorous!
Bergenia needs ground with neutral pH and very light. It has to be watered with plenty of water and is usually planted in spring or autumn.

4. Lenten rose
Lenten rose is a spring blooming plant. It’s a bit demanding, so it needs a lot of attention and care to grow harmoniously.

Lenten rose is part of the perennial family, has evergreen leaves and can grow up to 40 cm tall. It blooms in January and has pastel flowers, pale pink or even brown. Lenten rose needs a fertile soil and very well drained. It loves shade very much, so I can place it among other more voluminous plants, such as decorative shrubs.

Image Credits: Gardenseason

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