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Complete Guide To Water A Potted Bonsai Tree Correctly

Bonsai is a sensitive plant that needs, in addition to much attention and care, moisture at the roots. Without a continuous source of water, the tree will encounter difficulties in the development process and, more than that, the lack of water can lead to the loss of leaves, branches, and eventually to plant’s death.

How should be watered a potted bonsai?

When the bonsai tree needs watering you must pour enough water to moisture the soil in depth. The quantity may vary, depending on the size of the tree and pot.
I heard that many people moisten the soil lightly or they sprinkle water to bonsai surface…which is wrong, because the water may not get to plant’s roots favoring withering.
The Japanese say that: “For bonsai it rains twice.” This means that the bonsai can even need two watering a day: the first watering is required so that any soil particles and roots get moisture. The water must be scattered all over the soil in the pots, equally, without excesses in certain areas. After 20 minutes, check the pot. At this time, excess water would have already gone through the drain holes. If there is no water in the pot’s plate it means that the bonsai roots have “drank” a large quantity of water. If this happens, the second watering should be done with a smaller amount of water. Now, most likely, the plate under the pot will be filled with water, which you have to throw it immediately.

Watering by sinking the pot

Some bonsai growers wet the tree by sinking the pot. More precisely, they keep the bonsai pot in water for some time. However, this watering method is not recommended for people who have no experience in bonsai care.

Which is the right water for watering the bonsai?

Tap water is very good for the bonsai tree, but it must be left for at least 15 minutes for decantation of excess chlorine. However, if the water contains too hard, you can opt for rainwater.

Image Credits: Dhgate

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