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How To Keep Geraniums Blooming

Do you want beautiful geraniums all year long? Well, you should take a look over this article to learn some important tips to care for your geraniums. Whether you grow them indoors, on the balcony or in the garden, you have to resort to some simple tricks to get the most beautiful geraniums.

Important! It’s advisable not to water your geraniums, regardless of species, with tap or pit water.

1. It’s advisable to boil the tap water, let it cool, and then to water your geraniums with it. This way you’ll get rid of all those harmful substances from it, keeping your plants safe.

2. Also, it must be left in a container for at least 1-2 days, after boiling.
But, if you have the possibility to collect rainwater, then water geraniums with it. It’s the best water you can use for watering geraniums. It’s healthier than tap or pit water.

3. Once a month, in the blooming season, you can add some fertilizer. You may purchase it from the flower store or you can prepare it yourself.



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