3 Easy Steps To Grow Organic Pineapples In Pots

Pineapple is that fruit which has a lot of benefits for your health, only if it’s organic. And you are wondering from where to get organic pineapple? Well, grow it in pots indoors or on the balcony! In nearly two years, you will not have to buy pineapple…you will harvest it from the balcony. Isn’t this great!

1. Choosing pineapple for planting

All you need for pineapple planting is to choose a fresh fruit from the supermarket. Look for one that has green leaves, not yellow or brown. The fruit must be firm to touch and its color is golden brown. It is also important to check that the fruit is ripe, but not very ripe. You can check this by testing the leaves. Pull the bottom leaves and, if they fall off easily, it means that the pineapple is too ripped.
It is also advisable to check that the pineapple has no pests at the base of the leaves. They look like small gray spots.

2. Prepare the pineapple crown

The next step for planting a pineapple is to prepare the crown. Catch it from the base and twist it in one move, so that only the stem remains.
After removing the pineapple crown, break some leaves from the base until you see the white buds from which the roots will come out.
The last step for pineapple planting is crown care. Thus, for two days, the plant should be allowed to dry so that the broken part heals and doesn’t rot. Another solution would be to put the plant directly into the water.
If it was cut properly, in at most two weeks, the crown will be full of roots.


3. Planting the pineapple

Pineapple grows best in black, fertile soil mixed with gravel or sand. In about two months, the stem will develop strong roots. Pineapple doesn’t need fertilizer to grow. After the two months, the original leaves will be bigger and the new leaves will appear in the center.
After the first year, the plant can be transplanted in a larger pot, as the roots will expand quite a bit.

Image Credits: Guce.oath

3 easy steps to grow organic pineapples in pots

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