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Natural Air Fresheners! 5 Houseplants To Freshen-Up The Indoor Air

No matter where your house is, in the suburbs or downtown, those toxic gases and pollution get inside your house easily. So, you have to fresh-up a bit the air inside your home. And most people refreshes their house using all sort of air fresheners found on market shelves, and, others use homemade fresheners. I choose, instead, plants and flowers.

And the following plants are perfect to freshen-up the air inside your house naturally!

1. Aloe vera
Besides airing your place, aloe vera is the perfect plant for your wounds! The gel obtained from the leaves of the plant is used in many natural treatments. The plant needs a lot of light and needs plenty of water in summer. Soil is changed once every two years.

2. Gerbera
Gerbera has both a decorative and a natural freshener role. Placed in a freshly painted room will make the air breathable in less than a day. It needs a light sandy soil and should be placed in a bright room. Protect it from wind and low temperatures and you will have the perfect natural freshener in your house to get rid of unpleasant odors.

3. Azalea
The long blooming period made azalea the most wanted decorative flower. It also has the role of refreshing the indoor air pretty fast. It resists to low temperatures, so you can easily place it in a cooler room. Make sure that it has plenty of light.

4. Chrysanthemum
Along with aloe vera, chrysanthemums are the perfect remedy to get rid of those terrible headaches caused by toxins in the air. Chrysanthemum will successfully absorb the carcinogen in the air and will beautify your home with its beautiful flowers.

5. Cactus
The spiny masters of the desert have the ability of reducing significantly the degree of electromagnetic pollution created by the use of televisions, computers and microwaves. Cacti are not very demanding and if you place them around such appliances, they will flourish quickly.

Image Credits: Everything5pounds

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