Potted Miniature Roses! Useful Tips To Increase Blooming On Dwarf Roses

Lately, more and more people offer a beautiful pot of dwarf roses instead of the classical rose bouquets. Unfortunately, their great inconvenience is that they don’t have a long life. The problem lies in the attention and care you give, because they are pretty sensitive plants. Here’s what you need to do to have a blooming dwarf rose the entire year.

Roses love the light

warf roses need a lot of light. This means that they need to stay at least 6 hours daily in direct sunlight. That’s why it’s good to put the pot on the window sill or on the balcony, especially that they can resist in summer to high temperatures (77-78 degrees Fahrenheit).

Also, the moisture of the dwarf roses should be carefully monitored, as these plants need daily watering. Before watering, touch the pot soil with your fingers: if they are clean, it means that they need water right away. But if the fingers are muddy, don’t water the flower to avoid overwatering.

Very sensitive to fungi

You need to know that the dwarf roses are very sensitive to certain fungi, so it would be preferable to just water them in the morning. This type of rose is often attacked by the red spider, the lancets and the leaf fleas. It is advisable to apply a treatment to the recommendation of the Phytosanitary Pharmacists.

The plant blooms from spring until autumn, so you have all the chances to enjoy its beauty for a few months. Be careful to always remove the wilted flowers to make way for the new buds.

Beware of frost!

When the outside temperature drops below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, it is best to find an indoor place for the dwarf rose to avoid frost. In spring, when the temperatures are rising, take it out! This is the most appropriate time to trim the crown to stimulate its branching.

Also spring is the time to replant the rose. Remember that it needs a rather large pot with much soil. As it often blooms, apply rose fertilizer every two months.

Image Credits: Bakker

Dwarf Roses

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