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3 Must-Do Watering Tips For Houseplants During The Cold Season

Watering plants is essential for their good development. Houseplants need regular watering, and in the cold season they need to be water rarely. Here are 3 tips you must keep in mind during the cold season:

Take into account the plant type
Each plant has different needs in terms of soil humidity. While the cacti need rest and very rarely watering, other plants need watering once every two to three days.

Wet the plants only when necessary
In winter, it’s best to let the soil dry completely before watering it again. Be careful not to let the soil dry for a long time because the plant will dry out. Pay special attention to plants near the radiator or other heat source, as the water in their pots will evaporate much faster.

Water the plants with water at room temperature
Never water plants with water directly from the tap. In winter, this water is very cold and the low temperature can cause plant dryness. Put the water in a bottle and let it sit for a day in the room where you keep the plants.

Image Credits: Getpotted

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