How To Grow An Olive Tree In A Pot

Growing olive trees in a pot is undoubtedly a tedious process, but not impossible. If the olive tree has the proper conditions to develop, the fruits will appear in no more than five years from planting. However, the olive tree is a beautiful ornamental plant, so you can enjoy it until the fruits appear.

Types of suitable olives to grow them in pots

There are two types of olive trees, those who make fruits and those that are used only as decorative plants. From the breeder category, one of the olive trees that can grow easily in pots is “Majestic Beauty”. The growth of the olive trees is slow and can reach up to 2 meters in half.

Another type of olive tree that you can plant in pots is “Little Ollie”. It doesn’t grow more than one meter tall.
“Arbequina” is one of the olives you can plant in pots. It grows slowly, and the fruits have a long shape and can be black or green.

The “Picholine” olive tree is one of the most popular varieties, but it’s also quite demanding. It needs an airy space with lots of light to grow optimally and make fruit.

Olive tree care

Olive trees are easy to maintain, so those who don’t have much experience in caring for fruit trees can handle it. Because it will grow quite a bit, it’s important to choose a larger pot to plant the olive tree.
As for the sun, the olive tree is one of the trees that love light. It can also grow in shady places, but it’s possible not to make fruits. So place the pot in a place with lots of light to grow nicely.

The olive tree oil shouldn’t be watered often. It’s recommended to let the soil to dry before watering it again. Water the olive tree every 2 days, and put the water in the plate under the pot. This way the olive tree will get its necessary amount of water.

To grow in a harmonious way, you can use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.
In summer is best to keep the olive oil outdoors, and in winter in a cool room away from any heat source.

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How to grow an olive tree in a pot

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