How To Pamper Houseplants For Fast And Vigorous Growing

Just like humans, indoor plants need affection or feel the need to be pampered from time to time, in order to grow harmoniously. Though many people think that pampering your plants is childish, but experts in the field are of another opinion, and after many studies have come to the conclusion that our green friends don’t need not only water, light and soil to grow harmoniously, but also tons of love.

Give them a love tap

It may sound strange, but the botanists at the University of Friborg, Switzerland, have discovered that plants that are love tapped from time to time become more resistant to diseases and pests and therefore grow more healthily than others.
To treat them, you need to rub the leaves between the index finger and the thumb. This gesture stimulates a natural mechanism by which plants gain more resistance to disease.

Talk to them

By far, the simplest way you can pamper your plants is to talk to them or put them on some relaxing music. Over time, several studies have shown that, indeed, communication with plants helps them develop better, although it hasn’t been established exactly why sweet words are beneficial.
Several specialists from South Korea’s Biotechnology Institute have analyzed different plant cultures and noticed that plants grow more vigorously if you say nice and sweet words to them. A similar study has been made by several US botanists in a documentary for Discovery.
Botanists grouped the plants on 3 series. The first series were deprived of the caregiver voice, the second benefited daily from affectionate talks from the caregivers, and the third benefited only from insults and harsh words.

Conclusion: The plants with which they have not spoken at all have grown hardest and those with which they spoke nicely have grown the best.

Beautify them

Even plants feel the need to have a beauty session. So you have to remove the yellowish or dry leaves, you have to dust the leaves, put the plants in new and beautiful pots, change the soil if they start to get moldy and give them a drop of fertilizer from time to time, for an extra force.

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How to pamper houseplants for fast and vigorous growing

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