Best Air-Cleaning Plants To Remove Indoor Toxins (Chemical-Free Work Environment)

Air chemicals are as dangerous as food additives. Maybe even more dangerous because we can’t avoid them! The air from work is very toxic, especially if you work in a crowded indoor place, due to air conditioning and printers, and other office machines. Other pollution sources found at the office? Yes! The furniture, fixed and synthetic carpets, cleaning products, air fresheners are accumulating bacteria and other toxic compounds, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). But we can’t avoid this and we can’t live in a crystal glass, but we definitely can try to absorb these horrible chemicals with the help of indoor plants!

Nature, meaning green and leafy plants, helps us to get rid of those harmful air chemicals at the office

Tip: before purchasing the plants, make sure that the place is bright and well-heated. You must know that most plants love light, but direct sunlight can destroy them.

Fern – is a well-known indoor plant that doesn’t require special care conditions. It has the great power of ionizing the air. It’s very sensitive to cigarette smoke and dry air.

Azalea – effectively removes ammonia from cleaning products. It’s a plant that requires special care, especially with the soil.

Benjamin Ficus – is a green, less-blooming plant that effectively absorbs formaldehyde, the organic toxic compound present in almost all closed rooms. It’s a light-loving plant.

Chlorophytum – is the champion of inner pollution. Some sort of Captain Planet, because it absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and toluene. It’s an easy-to-maintain indoor plant that loves light, but it also adapts to the average light.

Cactus – is ideal to suppress the effects of electromagnetic waves on your computer. It can be placed next to the computer.

Chrysanthemum – is a very beautiful decorative plant that has the ability to neutralize the toxic residues given by paint solvents. It’s a plant that adapts a bit harder to indoor places, because it doesn’t like the lack of light and dry heat.

Depending on your personal preferences, there is a wide variety of indoor plants useful for health.
Studies show that indoor plants at work, really increases the employees work capacity. It diminishes cranky moods, headaches, respiratory and allergic diseases, and anxiety.


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