Best Houseplants For Men

Men like apartment plants, but they only take care of those that don’t require much attention or water and who resist without problems even for a month without care.
So, if you want to surprise your lover with a potted flower (well, yes, men love to receive flowers as gifts) you can choose one of the listed flowers:


Cacti are ornamental plants that have minimal care needs. They can be placed in a place with strong or moderate light, need less water (once every few weeks). Cacti grow in desert, so they are used with high temperatures and less watering.
Cacti don’t require fertilization unless you want to help them bloom, and they are very rarely affected by any disease. These plants are among the most resistant plants.


Bamboo is a plant that can be kept forever in a water vase. Of course, bamboo can also be transplanted into a soil pot, but in this case it needs frequent watering. Instead, if it’s kept in a water vase, it only needs to change the water periodically. Otherwise, bamboo will grow and develop in a harmonious way, without too much care tricks. One rule: don’t keep it in direct sunlight.


Although it’s a tropical plant, Dracaena doesn’t need excessive watering, so if the person to whom it’s offered forgets to water the plant, it won’t be any trouble. As a rule, Dracaena must be kept in the house away from sunlight and air currents.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant made up of a large rosette that gathers large, thick and fleshy leaves in lance shape. Aloe vera needs moderate watering with a small amount of water. Avoid overwatering because it may damage the plant.
Depending on the outdoors temperature the watering is less or more. Anyhow, the aloe vera plant resist without frequent hydration.


Ficus is an excellent ornamental plant, due to its impressive look, but also because it doesn’t have high claims in terms of care. The ficus only needs a well-ventilated room, a place where it has enough light without being exposed to sunlight and moderate watering.

During summer the ficus must be watered when the ground is dry, in the cold season, the plant can last for a long time without water, so it’s an ideal gift for a man who doesn’t want to pay too much attention in caring for a plant.

Best Houseplants For Men

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