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Houseplants That Need Plenty Of Light In Winter

The apartment plants decorate the windows and flower beds in winter, enjoying themselves for a few hours of sunlight daily. But only some plants need sunlight in winter, and they are listed below:

Geranium is an apartment plant appreciated by its intense color. In winter, a blooming pot can cheer-up any room. In the cold season, you have to place the pot in a cool place, but where is plenty of natural light. A window sill in the hallway next to a south-facing window may be a great place for geraniums in winter.

Cyclamen is a beautiful plant that blooms in the second half of the cold season. In winter, keep the plant in pots, indoors, in a place with natural light. It’s important that the light is indirect so that the plant can develop well.

Begonies are plants that must be kept indoors during the cold season. The flower develops if it has enough light, so to grow harmoniously it depends of the hours it receives natural light. In winter, this apartment plant should be kept in a place with natural light, possibly an east-facing window. Light is good to be filtered by a curtain. The species of rich begonias can also be kept in a place with direct sunlight.

Bifrenaria is a sturdy species of orchids with large, delicate, particularly attractive flowers. In winter, the Bifrenaria pot must be kept in a bright spot, preferably to east-facing window. This plant needs indirect sunlight.

Guzmania is a plant of the Bromeliaceae family, appreciated for its flowers. In winter, this plant can be grown indoors in a partially sunny place and even in a room with artificial light. The plant must be protected from direct sunlight.

Ficus comes from warm regions with many hours of daily sunlight. Therefore, the plant must be protected in the winter and placed in the brightest room. In terms of artificial light, to stimulate plant growth, use fluorescent light not incandescent light.

Croton is a plant appreciated for its particular foliage. In winter, the pot is placed in a lighted room, so the plant will keep its color attractive. In winter, the moisture level tends to get low inside and the plant must be protected from dry air.

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