How To Grow A Tangerine Tree From Seed Indoors

Citrus fruits are among the fruits that can easily and successfully grow indoors in pots.
Tangerine in pots, although is an exotic plant, it can easily adapt to the home environment. Like lemon trees, the tangerine tree has a special citrus look, and its fruits can be consumed at any time. A tangerine in pot is extremely decorative, because the fruits will slowly ripe, and the tree can have both fruits and flowers.
The essential condition to enjoy a potted tangerine is to provide water and about 4 to 5 hours of natural light every day.

Tangerine tree in pot: rich soil, heat, light and water

Like the lemon tree, tangerine is cultivated by seeds. From a small tangerine (look for the smallest ones with twigs and leaves) and remove the seeds. Wash them well and keep them in a white paper towel (because they need light), which should be kept wet for 2 to 3 days. When the seed cracks it’s the moment to plant it in the ground. Tangerine tree needs a sandy soil combined with greasy soil. The formula is a greasy soil part, a clay part, and a sandy part.

You can put one or more seeds into the ground. They are planted about one centimeter in deep. The soil mixture needs to contain a part of sand and one of clay. The pot has to be made of ceramics, and on the bottom of the pot, before adding the soil, put some ceramic pieces or stones for a better drainage.

A potted tangerine needs constant temperatures of over 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the optimum temperature for tangerines is around 82.4 degrees.

In summer, the tangerine tree can stay on the balcony or in the garden, in a sunny place. In the house it needs a lot of light and, if possible, direct sunlight.

Immediately after planting, the soil should be watered every 2-3 days or more often if the air in the house is dry. The soil must be always watered to stimulate sprouting. After growing, you should increase watering, to avoid rotting roots.

A potted tangerine must be fertilized with phosphorus-based products that stimulate blooming and fruit formation.

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How To Grow A Tangerine Tree From Seed Indoors

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