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How To Grow Cacti From Seed In 8 Easy Steps

Even if you can find different species of cacti in any store, you can also breed them by seeds.
Cacti are easy to care plants, and when their blooming period starts it’s mesmerizing to look at them. It’s the plant that any lazy person should have in their apartment. So, if you want to grow your own cacti from seeds, here is some advice from cacti breeders that will help a lot.

Advantages of growing cacti by seed
1. The seeds are cheap. It costs a few pennies or you can purchase them from the cacti you already have.
2. From seeds you can get lots of plants. You can make your own collection or turn it into Christmas gifts for your friends.
3. You can get more species and varieties of cacti that you can’t find on the market.
4. You can observe almost the whole life cycle of the cactus.
5. Seeds can be received even by mail in the envelope. You can buy them from Amazon.

The stages of obtaining the cactus from the seeds
1. The first thing you need is a suitable pot. For starters, you can use any plastic container. At first you can use any container to plant the seeds, but be careful to clean it very well.
2. The soil in which you will plant the seeds can be bought from any florist. However, it’s recommended to keep it in the freezer for one night to kill any bacteria present in him.
3. Mix the soil very well with a handful of fertilizer.
4. Before placing the seeds in pots, attach a label with the name of the cactus species that will grow there and the date you started to take care of it. It will be easier for you to make a difference between them, especially as some species have special care requirements.
5. Add the seeds and make sure they are deep into the ground. Apply a moderate amount of water so that the soil will only moisten a little.
6. Put each seed container in a zipper plastic bag that closes hermetically. This sealing method is already famous among cacti breeders and has many benefits.
Most important: there’s no need to water the seeds because they will extract moisture from the resulting condensation inside the plastic bag.
7. Collect all containers in an aquarium (similar to fish aquarium). You must know that the cactus seeds appreciate the light but not the sunlight. Even if the cactus grows in the desert, it will often develop under the shelter of a rock, just to avoid sunlight. Therefore, it’s recommended to have a source of artificial light above them.
8. The optimal temperature for the development of cactus seeds is between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should make sure that you keep this temperature inside the glass aquarium.

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