How To Water And Care For Yucca Plant In The Cold Season

Yucca is an ideal apartment plant with a beautiful and fresh and aspect. This plant is the best decoration item you can have in your apartment. Even if it’s a plant that prefers warm climates, it also lasts very well in the cold season if it’s properly cared for. It doesn’t withstand to very low temperatures, but if you move it indoors, it will develop very well.

Yucca is a resistant and easy-to-maintain plant that can safely overcome the cold season.

Where yucca best grows?

Most yucca species grow well to indoor temperatures. If it’s placed in an area with sun and light, yucca is a plant that doesn’t require much care. Be careful, however, not to overwater it. Once a week it will be enough just to moisten the soil.

The needs of the yucca plant in winter

If in the warm season, you have left the yucca pots on the balcony or in the garden, you have to bring them inside when winter comes, especially if it’s snowing or frosty outside. Even if it’s a resistant plant, yucca can be affected by cold.

Yucca survives only it the winters are gently. Although, when you bring the plant into the house, be careful not to place it in a warm place, such as near the radiator, because too much heat will dry the plant. Ideal is to place the yucca pot in the hallway with a suitable temperature and enough light.

If the yucca plant has flowers, it’s advisable to cut the roots from the center of the plant at the beginning of winter or to remove the ones that have dried naturally. This way, you will prevent water from settling between the leaves, and then to freeze.

At the end of October, it’s advisable to gather all the dried yucca leaves, and place them at the base of the stem. This way, you will isolate the soil and prevent frost.

Best soil for yucca

In the cold season, it’s recommended to reduce the soil moisture. Thus, you can only water the plant once a week or when the soil is dry. In fact, even in the hot season, yucca doesn’t need much water.

Normally, the soil must be damp, but take care that the water won’t stay at surface, because the roots of the plant will rot. In the cold season, the yucca can survive even for a few weeks with dry soil!

If you keep the yucca pot in cooler spaces, it’s advisable not to water the plant from the end of autumn, even if you are afraid it will wither. Yucca will no longer store water in the latency phase, anticipating cold temperatures in the cold season. Excessive watering in the cold season increases the chances of leaf drying.

Take care that the soil is well drained so as to allow water to drain quickly and prevent frost, which is fatal to yucca.

How To Water And Care For Yucca Plant In The Cold Season

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