5 Ways To Make Your Plants Happy During The Cold Season

The cold season comes with a number of challenging environment conditions for plants. If you want your beautiful green friends to be happy until spring, it’s crucial to control the amount of light, water and fertilizer that your will plants receive daily.

Plant care in the cold season may seem like a stressful and complicated mission, but reality is different: you can keep your “cheerful treasures” happy in some easy steps.

1. Plant health assessment
A happy plant is, in fact, a healthy plant. During the cold season, plants may suffer from insufficient light, may be excessively watered for their rest time (when they no longer need fertilizer) or may be poorly cared for during this sensitive period.

Take a closer look at your plant’s symptoms and offer what it needs. For example: if the leaves turn around or lose their pigment (when they should be stretched and green), you must secure an extra light source. Look for specific care tips of your plant species and don’t delay the treatment.

2. Getting rid of pests
In winter, plants are very exposed to pests. Even though these organisms that are dangerous to plant health are more numerous in the warm season, they can survive in the greenhouse or inside the house. Periodically use special organic sprays, which you can find in specialized stores or you can prepare at home.

3. Winter watering
Watering in winter should be considerably diminished, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to water them at all. It’s best if you spray them with water every 2-3 days. This way, you don’t risk root rotting.

4. Protect plants from cold
In the freezing days and nights, you can protect your plants by wrapping them in cellophane. Specialists recommend the use of such specially designed accessories for the thermal comfort of plants. A banal plastic wrap can also freeze easily, so it will affect the plant rather than protect it.

5. Ventilating the plants
Take care of the environment in which you keep the plants not to be overheated. Moreover, make sure you ventilate the room from time to time, no matter how cold is outside. Plants need ventilation and can wilt immediately if you keep them in warmth for a long time!

5 Ways To Make Your Plants Happy During The Cold Season

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