How To Grow Aromatic Herbs Indoors During Winter

Growing aromatic herbs indoors is the perfect way to enjoy their flavor in your dishes even when the cold season has begun. Learn how to plant coriander, parsley, mint, rosemary or thyme and make your own aromatic herb garden right in your house.

How to grow aromatic herbs indoors during winter

Annual plants can be grown in pots starting from fall. Plant them 10 centimeters high pots to make some space for their winter growth. The annual herbs include:

– anise
– basil
– chamomile
– dill
– coriander
– thyme

Perennial herbs are multiplied by cuttings. So, cut the strain into sections (10 centimeters long) and sow it in wet peat. Cover with a plastic foil to keep the soil moist and keep the pot away from sun rays. Perennial herbs include:

– rosemary
– chives
– sage

Both perennial and annual aromatic herbs that were grown in the garden can also be sheltered during the winter time. You have to leave them in a shady place for a week, and then transfer them indoors.

Needs of indoor aromatic plants


Make sure your aromatic plants have enough light every day. Find them a well-lit place in the house, and if this is not possible, you can offer them a source of artificial light. It must be at a distance of 15-20 centimeters of the plant.


Most aromatic herbs need a constant temperature during the day – between 15 and 21 degrees Celsius, and during the night between 50 and 59 degrees.


To be able to grow harmoniously, make sure that your plants have enough water. Water them well, and then let the soil to dry again, before performing the operation. If room humidity is low, spray water over the herbs leaves a few times day.

How To Grow Aromatic Herbs Indoors During Winter 2

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