How To Water Christmas Cactus For A Spectacular Winter Blooming

One of the best Christmas plants you can have is known as Schlumberger or the simple way, Christmas cactus. It’s a loved Brazilian plant due to its attractive flowers, with various colors from white, pink and red to purple, violet, yellow, orange and gold.

Christmas cactus blossoms during winter, so it’s usually used as a decoration item in a Christmas home. The plant resists well to temperatures up to 14 degrees and is not very demanding in terms of soil, but it should be well drained. Buy a specially designed cacti soil, and if you can’t find one, add layers of earth with sand.
It also needs plenty of water and doesn’t adapt well in dry soil conditions. However, excessive watering is a real problem for the plant, because the roots may rot.

Watering Christmas cactus is made with moderation, when the soil is dried on the surface. In summer, when temperatures are high, Christmas cactus can be watered abundantly, including spraying water on the leaves.

Keep in mind that when humidity is low, red spiders may appear. Another problem may be the mold that appears at the surface of the pot due to inappropriate watering. In this case, the soil layer should be removed from the surface of the pot and replaced with a dry one, and then you will have to reduce watering. When floral buds appear, the watering gets back to normal but you should reduce fertilization. Also, reduce the amount of water in October and resume to normal watering in November.


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