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Natural Bathroom Fresheners – Best Purifying Plants You Can Grow In The Shower

Perhaps the bathroom is the last room in the house where you want to have natural plants, but you should consider this as the best way in purifying the bathroom air. Why spending money on air fresheners when you can decorate your bathroom with some splendid flowers that can purify the air. And keep in mind that the bathroom is where mold appears, and you definitely want to prevent that!

Depending on the characteristics of your bathroom, you have a wide range of plants from which to choose the ones that suits you best.

Plants for a well-lit bath
If your bathroom has a window, you can consider yourself lucky, because you can embellish the environment with almost any plant you want. Here are some suggestions for plants that love light and can grow harmoniously in the bathroom:

– Azalea
– Gardenia
– Orchids
– Fern – Australian swordfish
– African Violets
– Croton

Plants for poorly lit bathroom
If your bathroom is poorly lit, it doesn’t mean that the plants won’t grow harmoniously. On the contrary, there are many plant species that love the shade, but it’s best to leave the bathroom door open most of the times for good ventilation. Here are some ideal plants for a poorly lit bathroom:

– Aloe vera
– Begonia
– Ficus
– Philodendron
– Spider plant
– Aglaonema

Plants for a cool bath
If your bath is cool throughout the year, you can decorate and refresh the air with plants such as:

– Japanese Aralia
– Cyclamen
– Little palm trees

Bathroom plant care
Basically, the plants you grow in the bathroom don’t need a particular care.
The only thing you need to be careful about is watering. Because the moisture in the bathroom is very high, the watering should be done rarely and with moderation. Plants will absorb moisture from the air in order to grow and hydrate. If you add watering to this moisture, the roots will rot, and the plant wouldn’t have a vigorous and healthy look.

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