Stop Counting Sheep! Easy-To-Care Indoor Plants That Will Help You Sleep Like An Angel

The best sleep you can have is the one taken in your own bed. But, you can’t always enjoy that sweet nighty-night sleep, because, suddenly your legs itch, thoughts are coming in your mind, and the sheep that you are counting become a big sheepfold, and the sweet sleep turns into a long sleepless night. And it should’ve been ok if there was only one sleepless night, not to turn into many sleepless nights. Although, I found a solution for that! And they are not sleep pills. I tried to cheer a bit the environment of my bedroom with some amazing plants to send those sleepless nights away. And it works like a natural sleeping pill.

These plants purify the air in the bedroom, cleansing it from all toxins, and improving the quality of your sleep, without being necessary to count hundreds of sheep.



It’s right that delicate Gardenia Jasminoides, originally from the Far East, is a difficult plant to care for. As you become accustomed to its needs, like placing it in a shady corner with constant temperatures between 64.4-71.6 degrees, this fragrant shrub will become a necessity in your home.
The smell of white gardenia flowers is able to send you into a deep sleep in just a few minutes. Studies show that gardenia’s perfume has the effects of a Valium dose.



Jasmine has a relaxing effect on the mind and the body. Beyond that, its delicate scent helps you fall asleep easily. Jasmine also has an important asset: it reduces anxiety, so you may wake up in the morning with a positive mood.

English Ivy

English Ivy

It may seem odd to bring a climbing outdoor plant directly into the privacy of your bedroom, but it’s worth it. English ivy is one of the most effective plants for air purification.

Also, it doesn’t mean that you have to dress the walls of your bedroom in ivy. Place a pot with 1-2 ivy threads in the room, put a wooden or plastic trellis on which thread, and they will climb and you will have a good night sleep every evening.

Devil’s ivy

Devils Ivy

Another flowering plant can be a perfect remedy for your insomnia. In spite of the name that doesn’t inspire anything good, the “devil’s ivy” purifies the air, so you will get to sleep like a new born (a non-crying new born).

It can be grown as a flowing plant, but, as well, you can help it stand up on a support. The best part is that the Devil’s ivy doesn’t require special care, which makes it the best companion plant for a person with a loaded schedule.

Stop Counting Sheep Easy To Care Indoor Plants That Will Help You Sleep Like An Angel

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