4 Humane Methods To Protect The Crop Garden From Birds Without Harming Them

I truly love birds! I think they are a blessing in our lives, especially for our garden. They simply protect the garden from harmful insects, small rodents, and they delight your day with their singing! But, in their run for food, at some point will ruin your seed crops – and I’m telling you they are capable to destroy the entire crops!

That’s why, sometimes, you have to scare them away to take advantage of those organic crops you’re growing.

And I have the perfect solution to get rid of birds and protect your crops.

Bird scarecrow


A classic method of sending birds away from your crop garden is a scarecrow. They can be made of brightly colored carpets (preferably red), old CDs, sequins, or any other glittering and plastic gadgets that fuse in the wind.



Have you sown the lawn, or you simply want to protect fruit trees of birds? All you have to do is cover each fruit tree with a net, and birds won’t be able to reach any fruit.

Feed them


In order not to be tempted to eat the seeds you have sown, feed the wild birds regularly, and ensure their water needs on dry days. This way you can enjoy their company and keep your crops protected.

Plastic forks


Another way to keep small birds away (pigeons, crows, etc.) is to place plastic forks near your crops. Thus, birds won’t be able to sit on the ground to eat the seeds. This method can only be used on small portions of land.

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4 humane methods to protect the crop garden from birds without harming them

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